fruit shakes made fresh by squeezing the scrumptious goodness from wholesome ingredients. it’s shaking so fresh it may just make you blush. we think you’ll agree: it’s worth it.
Real Fruit Milkshakes and smoothies | The Fruit Story

Mango Shake

Can anyone beat the classics? The evergreen and ever tasty, meet the King Khan of the Fruitollywood!

Sitaphal Shake

A wondrous treat with its uniquely grainy texture and extreme sweetness.    shake makes for a perfect filling snack ☺

Dragon Shake

Meet the ‘sweet’ dragon.  A refreshing milkshake made with pitaya fruit that is the best substitute for regular milk. Your go-to breakfast drink!

Jack Shake

Discover the wonders of Jackfruit! Gloriously thick and delicious  milkshake is surely going to seduce your taste buds

Tender Coconut Shake

Right said, tenderness never goes out of season. Tender Coconut milkshake is one drink that you’d never get tired of drinking. Refreshing as ever!

Dark Fantasy Shake | The Fruit Story


You actually might be spoilt for choice with these drool-worthy shakes with unexpected ingredients. If you are a chocoholic, give it a shot. We bet, you’re gonna love them!

Dark Dutch Cocoa Shake

The hardcore chocolate fans, take the ‘dark’ side, please.  This shake is for the people who take their chocolate like goth kids take their souls: dark, moody, and bitter, and an absolute must try

Slutty Brownie Shake

Just when you thought slutty brownies couldn’t get any naughtier, we took them to oh-so-chocolatey brownie shakes!

Dark Fantasy Shake

Coz fantasies shouldn’t be described, they should be experienced. Loaded with an enormous amount of chocolate, this shake is worth cheating on your diet for

Tiramisu Shake

Say ‘Ciao’ to Italy! Inspired by the classic Italian dessert, this shake is rich, creamy and oh so delicious! Definitely an epic frozen treat

Cloudy Truffle Shake

Bonjour! Luxuriate in truffle splendor ☺ A must for all chocolate Connoisseurs, The French Truffle shake is made up of fresh cream and chocolate and lots of love


Do you love berries as much as we do? This menu is surely your go-to menu for the perfect berrylicious shakes!
Real Thick Berry Shakes | The Fruit Story

Raspberry shake

Everybody will rave about this milkshake. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this delicious drink!                             .

Strawberry shake

They say, what’s in the name? We say it’s all in the name.  Strawberry milkshake, the name itself brings heavenly taste of strawberry to the taste buds. Have this refreshing shake to recharge your energy levels

Blackberry shake

Bursting at the seams with berries! We blend real berries into real ice cream shakes. Added with a berry boost, this shake is sure to create a treat that screams summertime

Cranberry shake

With its bright red color and sweet cranberry flavor, this shake makes it easy to fit the long-neglected beet into your menu                             .

Blueberry shake

Minimal ingredient and minimal guilt makes this shake a healthier way to pamper your sweet tooth


Thick Coffee Shake | The Fruit Story


Brining on some of the best coffee shakes across the globe for coffee connoisseurs!  Look around, relax and enjoy one with a sip of coffee.